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About Silver wear

Wear suitable for pairing style concise style slim sterling silver necklace.

Casual clothing suitable for pairing, exaggerated sterling silver rings with unique design.

Cute dress wearing a small silver Bell bracelet fitting.

Inlaid colored artificial gem (no black) silver for a young girl to wear, older women suspected of acting young, while the men wore too feminine.

Tibetan silver color intense, should not mix professionally, so as not to give the feeling of professional, capable enough.

Jewelry should not be mixed with gold jewelry wearing, because of its temperament is not the same, but different styles of jewelry can be worn together, rich texture.

Special luxurious occasion or when wearing a gorgeous dress, should not wear jewelry, but should opt for expensive jewelry, diamonds.

After the silver age black, doesn't have to be cleaned in order to continue to wear, the kind of nostalgic taste is also very good.

Silver is fashionable things, pay attention to often change wearing style, not too obviously popular jewelry (cross) wear out of season.