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Accessories Essentials

Jewelry to clothing with the vigor and vitality. Little jewels in the continuous activities of people from all different angles, smelled or metal or Pearl or Crystal or various colors of light, people dressed as a whole is coated with a layer of light make up. An earring, a strong chain, a brooch, a tiny diamond inlaid into fine rings, or not to watch but has a sexy image of a k gold anklet ankle, was displayed by a woman especially speaks for itself. Accessories in a good turn corruption into magic as possible good effects. Of course, not every woman with a good ability to grasp accessories light, there are some small details is what professionals do not know. But for beauty, dress up this beautiful war always has endless learn courage. Therefore, learn to match costumes, will spare no effort in fighting so far into each woman a gravy train.

Budget, taking into account the accessories

Accessories and fashion are inseparable, but lots of women just in or gorgeous or abacus national or ladies clothing, beautiful investments, while ignoring the importance of accessories. Despite the characteristic of jewelry may be more expensive than clothing, but a piece of jewelry can be worn with many clothing and fashion wear for a long time. Same clothing as long as changing into different accessories would show a different dress charm and does not need to refresh all from head to toe in order to achieve the purpose of showing different style. Accessories are sometimes decorations, sometimes as a finishing touch, as long as the right choices, good accessories is a better investment than clothes.

Wear jewelry because of their different roles, there are many match takes place.

One size: distribution according to body type, tall man wearing large jewelry, while the Petite wearing delicate jewelry. Mighty fine, but little can contrast expansion. For example, little girls should wear small bracelets or delicate bracelet, wear large bracelets, wrist more lean.

Style: the style of clothing and jewelry must be consistent. Luxury, classical fabrics should be wearing classic and gorgeous jewelry, General work clothes, you can be relatively brief and fashion.

Uniform colors: cool colors clothing cold color jewelry distribution, such as Platinum or silver, warm clothing in Golden or brilliant gold or pearls to decorate.

Selected topic: If you wear a variety of jewelry, you should keep the jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and thematically consistent.

= Select key: If body wear more than three jewels, you should pay attention to the selected key, such as earrings pattern is complicated, necklace is simple, on the contrary, complex necklaces, earrings is simple.

= Apparel and jewelry set priorities: the clothing is decorated with many gold and silver, such as gold, jewelry need not wear, so as not to overwhelm the main points.