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Accessories how to skillfully match

Trends varied jewelry is full of tricks, so you must have accessories and matching tips.

Earrings: earrings are of two types, one is plugged into rolls, for use by people with ears, another screw-type, for use by people without ears. Earrings to match with the face shape. Round face girl magistrates or square, leaf shape, zigzag, tear-shaped hanging earrings; face girl can wear boxing curved or circular earrings; a pointed face girl can wear earrings that increase the sense of width, such as triangles, circles and exaggerated styles.

Ring: If your fingers and an asymmetrical style should be selected; if you have the artistic temperament of the slender fingers wide ring is suitable, if you choose bold style, such as the square ring, Lam tip ring ring, it will make your fingers more attractive. If rich hand and nail long, then the components of the ring must be increased, otherwise it will make hands look bigger, considering the selection round, pear-shaped or heart-shaped ring.

Necklace: when choosing a necklace, to consider the decorative effect, if you want to highlight on a necklace, pendants, necklaces should not be too long and too thick; if you only wish to highlight a beautiful necklace, then its style, usually Flower necklace is more appropriate. Necklace size should be set depending on the people. Neck thicker, larger size, but smaller. In addition, the selection of necklaces and clothing brought match. Neck short women into v-shaped collar can be open or open, in order to highlight the feeling of long neck, then topped with long, thin necklace and a small heart-shaped pendant, coincides with the v-shaped neck, exposed in the center of the neckline, this will seem long and slim.