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Accessories matching

Jewelry is a fixture of every woman, and mature and elegant or stylish, a suitable jewelry will add to our life, he is from detail to show the charming beauty of women. How to choose for your jewelry?

First, jewelry of the mix not much, one or two pieces are finely decorated and embellished, and more than three pieces of the vulgar. Remember that jewelry is only cosmetic function, for regulating the dress to make it want to show temperament is more in tune with yourself.

Secondly, the jewelry worn in conjunction with their own temperament, Costume Play. People born with the hue (skin color, hair color, eye color) coincide with colorful characters, be divided into warm and cold. Wear cool clothes with warm tones, jewelry, wearing 24K gold necklace is equipped with a pair of Silver earrings, it was clothing with taboo. Jewelry color also changes, select tone and choice of clothing color of the same ornaments, all depends on your own body's natural tone.

Red-skinned people, the choice of light green, dark green, and other colored jewelry, to bring out the vibrant. But should not be decorated with red, purple or bright blue stones, so that the face seem blue.

Dark-skinned people should not wear white or pink stones, so as not to contrast and makes the skin appear darker. But decorated with citrine, Topaz and other neutral colors of gems, to tone down skin good role to play.

People with white skin, choose metal jewelry with gemstones, bead jewelry and shell carved jewelry, jewelry and white colour to match, have the feeling of quiet beauty. But if the color white is not for diamond jewelry, Crystal jewelry, which can make skin more pale.

Slightly yellow-skinned people, choose white gold jewelry, silver jewelry, ivory jewelry is appropriate, they can add to the elegant beauty of the users; other green gemstones jewelry or ornaments, jewelry, and temperament. But try not to choose a red or yellow gems and jewelry, which can make skin more darker and lose flavor.

Waxy-skinned people should choose red orange kind of jewelry, using warm colors to enhance the wearer's blood in order to reduce morbid sense of easy.