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Earrings: crystallization of art and fantasy

Earrings in coordination with face

Round face people should not wear round earrings, that will make the face look too plump, should be treated with a long drooping square or triangular earrings. Square face who may wish to use makeup softens into a little round face coupled with a falling medium earrings will face showing the beauty of curves. People with long face can be worn round earring or earrings to adjust the face image to make the face plump and moving. Face large, should not use the circular earrings, earrings that can be worn a bit larger, close to the ear, or wear a triangle earrings, to reduce the wide face. Face smaller, suitable for medium-size earrings, no more than two centimeters in length.

Coordination of earrings and hairstyle

Left shawl hair of women, wearing narrow of earrings will is beautiful and striking; left hair of women, as earrings and sent shoots also long, will effect beauty, hair and delicate of ear nail match can foil women of lively and smart; left not symmetric hairstyles of women, as wearing a only big earrings, can up balance role, is don't has charm; and classical of bun match hanging attached type earrings makes people elegant, and generous; also to note of is wearing glasses of women should not be wearing big earrings, because glasses in face has occupy larger of area, If ornament, wear small earrings are scattered, and do not have fun.

Earrings and body coordination

Little women, such as wearing a small ear-shaped earrings will look elegant, delicate, exquisite. Such as wearing pendant earrings, as visually oriented down, size will be more short stature tall female, wear an earring or earrings can add beauty.

Earring colors coordinate with the colour

Earrings color choice should also be determined in accordance with the color of their skin. Darker-skinned people should not wear earrings too bright; and people with white skin suitable for wearing red, Brown, purple, blue, or dark-colored earrings; Golden Earring is suitable for all skin tones to wear.