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Jewelry and women

Vivid on the face and chest of the charming, interpretation in the neck.

Pendant is the neck part between the head and thorax ornaments, decorations in the hub of the most important parts of the body, vertical and is connected to the head, chest, lateral shoulders reciprocal contact with the human body, human vision in the most readable of decorative accessories.

Window decorations as personality, different textures, different forms, different colors of decorations is a strong expression of the female personality, taste level and mental Outlook. Decorated with dense, porous, stereo, specifications and free forms, different forms, have a different expression, such as: dense, compact, independent, rigorous and noble sense of strong contrasts images of the head and strength; loose, free, smooth character, animated skin and a strong sense of movement and vitality. Shiny, expensive decorations usually apply on-site social occasions or weddings and other special occasions.

Decorations are close to face, choose decorations should be suitable for the shape of his neck and facial contours: heavy neck-should not use stout and exaggerated styles; a short neck should not use complex colors and eye-catching style; rounded profile faces should not use the sharp, strong sense of line styles; lines face should not use outline rounded style.

Decorations include: necklaces, scarves, accessories, bow ties, cravat. Mainly represented by the pendant necklaces, scarves and jewelry.


Jewelry pendant necklace is the most typical, it surrounded by head, connected apparel, has a strong sense of direction and trends in Visual, shape styles and image most easily and intuitively.

Women neck necklace to wear the most influential Visual parts is not only decorative, identity, quality, preference, personality also has a strong expression. Gold necklace represents the texture of gold energy, and the sun shines, embodies the Supreme creator; diamonds reflect the eternal theme of texture and pure; pearls reflect the pure and noble.

Long necklace in the decoration is similar to the pendant, pendant with similar properties.


Influential scarf worn parts, large area, rich in texture, form, pattern, color changes, and therefore Visual effects strongly, is the thing to be in women's accessories, scarves and clothing with a very strong, can bring garments more vividness and plasticity.

As a result of size and texture, scarf from a macro point of view, can be used as a part of clothing; from the microscopic, ornament category too. Use scarf costume features can be combined with clothing to form a new structure of clothing and image use scarf jewelry features, you can create space and get more personalized rich taste. For example: square knot in the neck, making clothing has a strong sense of etiquette; guitar in front of the rectangular silk scarf, made the elegant dress sense of space; the scarf tied at the neck wrinkles can show strong three-dimensional and sculptural; hanging over the shoulder long scarf can add costumes on spirit and grace.

Scarf is the female mind passwords to quality, it is closer to the language of the female soul. Select first depends on the quality of the scarf, the second will look at the main color, the third depends on the texture, depends on the form IV. Scarves quality, good colors and styles are difficult to use. The unique method also gave scarves scarf this jewelry is more room for creativity, but also women's love life, emotional and full of spiritual revelation.


Pendants are hung on the neck of the pectoral, similar to the pendant long necklace in, full of dynamic, spatial perception, a sense of elegant, lines with strong rhythmic sense of the image of the slender and slim. Is located in the center of the human thorax on the vertical line of pendants, overall apparel vision Center, images of the human body, personality expression, temperament and with strong influence in shaping, forming the body, clothing, accessories more than three layers of icing, cohesion dimension of meaning and expression.

Pendants decorated with obvious orientation, different textures of pendant, can have different styling direction. Pendants express clothing luxury of precious material orientation; natural textures such as wood pendants, expressed a simple, natural, flexible orientation crystal glass transparent textures, such as pendants, with fresh, crisp, crystal clear orientation.

Pendant is very personality-rich accessories, play, games, fun, pairing with "homogeneous" and "shaped heterogeneous" in two ways. "Homogeneous" means pendant with the shape and color of clothing, this match has to the overall sense of rich apparel, a sense of contrast. "The special heterogeneous" refers to the consistency of form and color matching, this match has a sense of individuality and strange, two matching characteristics and different interests in each.