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Jewelry to match your temperament?

Here are these types of temperament of the people and the basic principles and methods to match jewelry.

(1) impulse (called also biliary)

This temperament is characterized by Frank, enthusiastic, responsive, but poor self-control, often in a State of excitement and impulsive, emotional impatient and careless. When choosing jewelry for men with this temperament can be focused on those color simple, concise, rough on the jewelry, so as to express a bold and unrestrained masculinity, but also reflects a sense of poise and thick mature. Impulsive woman you need to select the detail is exquisite jewelry, materials, emphasis should be placed on jade, pearls, green tourmaline, Sapphire, light rescue invalid on a more quiet type of jewelry, which can enhance a woman's quiet and gentle beauty, a modified image of impulsive impatience.

(2) type (also known as blood)

Type which is characterized by high spirits lively, energetic, lively and enthusiastic, but the attention and emotions but vulnerable to outside influences and transfers. Active men should choose bright colors, contrasts and strong jewelry, such as diamonds, dark red, Sapphire, opal is the ideal choice. In style, fashion bracelet, necklace, of square plates with edges and rings can be set off spirited most of the personality style. Type women need to choose color and soft, moist texture of gemstone jewelry. Light green Emerald, Moonstone, pink tourmaline, Furong, pink pearls, malachite, can set off a lively woman with enthusiasm, revealing quiet and lingering feelings.

(3)-calm (also known as touch LC/MS)

Calm people laid on the peaceful in character, and introverted, but also a stubborn stereotype of a, and some calm people are Gauche. If they belong to this type, you should add masculinity, improve the appearance of the image work. Choose luster strong such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, gemstone jewelry such as rutile, so you can shape the active, friendly image. Women should keep their calm has a more elegant and subtle, tonal choice for jewelry, should be concerned about color is gentle gem, such as light red garnet, pale tourmaline, Amethyst, white pearls, to fully demonstrate the women quiet, delicate beauty and tenderness.

(4) tender type (also known as melancholic)

Delicate temperament trait is sentimental, weak personality, prone to severe introvert, care more about things very meticulous, patience and self-control are very strong. While people with weak and tend to be aloof and overly eccentric, people find it difficult to close. Weak men should choose high color saturation, sharp, shiny jewelry in order to improve its image and enhance the enthusiasm and vitality. Material to Opal, rubies, lapis lazuli, red Fei, coral is the first choice. Weak type female in order to add lively in the quiet, serious and deeply naïve, aquamarine, red spinel, zircon, red tourmaline is selected, you can make lovely tenderness.