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Jewelry worn by aesthetics

Matters needing attention in several occasions wear jewelry:

For professional women, wear accessories more restrictive, in addition to adherence to certain principles, in fact, spend a little thought, cleverly choose their own temperament and style of jewelry, create their own unique taste, is the key to you find the confidence and success. Simplicity in order to wear color, and hair on the chest, and necklaces some vivid color matching on colored gemstones, in addition to the work of serious, vitality and beauty of transmission to women. This choice of colored gemstones, must pay attention, gem grade, gem color must be pure gorgeous gem against fire must better gem must be smart. Also in business suits based on the clever mix of jewelry, can subtly change shape wear the effect here for two is the most important jewelry, necklaces and brooches. In suits on the edge of the collar of a curved design brooch, can make suits of solemn and added some among active movement; necklace length, color, material, and design styles of various, ingenious combination, can also increase the set movement and rhythm. Special professional and special occasions, preferably wearing personalized jewelry that suits your professional personality and his taste, should give full play to the emotional cultural connotation of jewelry, which became a symbol of body language, it is best to wear a professional design unique jewelry. Best reflecting their own unique tastes and personality.

Normally, when domestic tourism and leisure, should also pay attention to jewelry to wear and clothing in the form of matching, in such informal settings, wear colored gems and semi precious stones jewelry design, paired with casual clothing, and reveals a different kind of taste in a dull.

Lunar New year visit family members, we showcase their personality and taste the best time to wear, right place at the right time, to wear the colored gemstone jewelry will give this special Millennium spring, add a bit of color, and will give your family and friends a warm and relaxing feeling. During the Spring Festival celebrations at dinner parties and other formal occasions, designed precious jewelry should be worn, wear more than two pieces of jewelry, you should pay attention to matching jewellery designer to help you solve this problem, design a jewelry set.

Common suite; two piece suit, three piece suits, four suits, five-piece set.

Set of two ornaments: (necklace + ring), (ring + earrings), (necklace + earrings), (brooch earrings +), (bracelet + earrings)

Three piece set decoration (ring + necklace + earrings), (ring + necklace + pins)

Set of four ornaments: (+ brooch ring + necklace + earrings), (ring + Necklace + Bracelet + earrings)

Five piece set: (+ PIN + ring + necklace + earrings bracelets), (ring + Necklace + Bracelet + earrings + headgear)