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Your face how to choose jewelry

Should be based on a person's face is different and different jewelry:

1, goose-egg: the oval face, a wide range of optional wear jewelry, combing hair, wearing gemstone swing ring gives a sense of charm and soft, short hair wears small ears small will appear very elegant;

2, seeds: above (or round) cut or under tip big jaw, is suitable for wearing the face of a variety of jewelry, wearable large ears small and concise pendant swinging rings, necklaces should be thin and short, in the interest of increasing the width of the lower jaw and the avoidance of face feeling of being stretched.

3, rectangular type: this face shape is characterized by upper, middle, and wearing jewelry should be appropriate to increase the width across the midline of the face, therefore, choose to wear large and glamorous inlaid jewelry, diamond ears small or short and round earrings make the ears bigger without fall, faces seem wider. But Dai Dang ring, so as not to form large and small triangular face.

4,: decorative principle is to make the cheeks narrower, extended upper hair high pad thickness can be relied upon to resolve, the lower you will wear thin necklace to elongate, earrings are not too large.

5, triangular: this is a cut below the wide cheeks on face shapes, difficult to dress up, dress up the principle of generally increases the width of the upper part of the face, frontlet and hairstyles can be used to make earrings should be smaller rather than larger, necklaces should be longer rather than shorter, should be thick rather than thin, long necklace can be extended jaw makes its cutting effect.

Should also be based on a person's temperament and the choice of different jewelry:

(1) the innocent type: this character is carefree, childlike, and should use color alone to clean jewelry, such as light green and pink gems such as the color of jewelry.

(2) Sweet: such people are gentle, easy feeling shy, should use modeling sleek, color and soft, warm jewellery. Is only the tender, full of charm.

(3) free: this bold personality and bold, casual, suitable for big and bold with a dynamic and stimulating of the jewelry. Men wear the rough denim chain of gold or silver chain, plus Maitreya/jade buckles; women wear big heart, big swing of the great goddess and ear rings.

(4) energy: such people are resolute, decisive.   Suitable for modelling and outspoken abstracted and rhythmic jewelry. Choose jewelry but also the people of colour varies: red-skinned people, the choice of light green, dark green, and other colored jewelry, to bring out the vibrant. But should not be decorated with red, purple or bright blue stones, so that the face seem blue. Dark-skinned people should not wear white or pink stones, so as not to contrast and makes the skin appear darker. But decorated with citrine, Topaz and other neutral colors of gems, to tone down skin good role to play.