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6 Ways To Teach You To Use Metal Hair Clip To Create The Most Fashion Hairstyle

6 ways to teach you to use Metal Hair Clip to create the most fashion hairstyle
6 ways to teach you to use Metal Hair Clip to create the most trendy hair, you may suspect that Metal Hair Clip is also popular unitary? When you read this season's major fashion week and all kinds of large-scale fashion activities, will not hesitate The place also took out the metal clip in the most inside the jewelry box hairpin, but you will certainly be surprised this season's popular Metal Hair Clip decoration position. This time for everyone to sum up the six Metal Hair Clip decoration, we may wish to practice in the usual Oh
1. two completely unexpected places
That is, at the same time will be two retro big metal hair clip caught in the head and face side, remember is the same folder Oh. This is very difficult to shape the Metal Hair Clip style and overall shape, it is best to choose the figure in the retro metal Metal Hair Clip, to avoid shiny crystal Metal Hair Clip.
2. romantic long hair side
This year's popular long hair believe that many girls have tried, how to seem flat in the long hair to add some freshness? You can boldly try some elegant romantic style Metal Hair Clip, caught in the hair side, as in the picture Alexa Chung the same.
3. Head hair root
And the first way is different, this is a metal hair clip caught in the head of the hair root, or pay attention to the choice of Metal Hair Clip, with the overall shape, may wish to match with the style of large earrings.
4. Hold the ear side hair
Although it is not possible to say that Taylor Swift is the one who walks in the fashion tip, but can not but admit that she is always the best way to learn how to match, because so close with the neighboring girl, naturally and inadvertently face Head metal hair clip, but also very face thin Oh!
5.Bob hairstyle
Bob head seems to be more than a year ago popular hair, but does not mean that now can not cut this hairstyle, as long as suitable for their own style, any hair is the most fashionable. Bob hair is really very easy with a small and slightly gorgeous Metal Hair Clip, playful and sweet.
6. After modeling the chaos hairstyle
At first glance, I thought it was a metal clip folder wrong place, but this shape happens to be deliberately placed, chaotic hairstyle with mini metal hair clip is absolutely finishing touch effect. But to be honest, this shape is still a bit difficult to imitate.
Pearl metal hair clip embellished short hair hair very cute, Step1, all the hair with a wave board folder hair root, so that the hair looks more and more fluffy, and then the hair points a good area, and the bang separately separate, and then the remaining All hair is divided into two and fixed with a clip.
Step 2, the hair down, and then in the form of three braids hair a ray of a series of edged up, and the tail with a rubber band tied.
Step 3, both sides are made with three braids, the tail will be put away, fixed with a clip.
Step 4, on both sides were wearing a small pearl Metal Hair Clip dotted hair.