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A Few Categories Of Metal Headband Process

A few categories of Metal Headband process

The metal head belt process is mainly for the shuttle Metal Headband and needle metal head.

The Metal Headband, especially the jacquard Metal Headband, is a bit similar to the process of marking, but the fabric is fixed and woven from the weft. Basic weft is fixed, and the Metal Headband by warp weave pattern, using a small machine, although every time playing version, production wear gauze and adjust the machine may have to take a long time, and the efficiency is relatively high, but it can create a wide range of dazzling products, does not like woven lable is always a few styles.

The metal head band is mostly divided into decorative and functional. For example, the popular mobile phone sling, bow tie is decorative, but the flame retardant Metal Headband is the functional Metal Headband. When the ribbon is woven, it can also print all kinds of text and patterns, which we call printing, which will generally be cheaper than weaving the text patterns directly.

Many customers in the process of custom Metal Headband there will always be all sorts of problems, especially some customers and we are the first cooperation, hard to avoid worry Metal Headband there will be some deviation in the process of production, which concern more is the color of the Metal Headband.

Before customer place the order, we will first talk about good color specifications, etc., in order to guarantee the final Metal Headband shipped fully meet customer requirements, we all want to play board do samples to customers first, wait for customers to nod feel satisfied after, we would the single production of large goods in bulk. But then many customers will worry that our small color will be different from the color of the large goods. But customer such worries are justified, because each batch dyeing in the textile industry will be a little difference of cylinder is inevitable, but to ensure that the samples of the same color and it is no problem. So please believe that we will take each batch seriously and try our best to ensure that each batch of goods meets the requirements of the customers. At the same time, we also welcome more customers to ask their own questions, we will help you solve them!

Detail decides success or failure, forces used in Metal Headband product requirements is very strict, therefore we Metal Headband development forces used specifically for Metal Headband products, we pay attention to every detail, not allowed to appear a little mistake, we are always emphasize the quality of the product, because only good quality will have a good customer experience, just can have long-term cooperation, this is the way of the sustainable development of the enterprise. Our Metal Headband has been continuously improving and improving the quality of products, from the purchase of raw materials to the update of the Metal Headband machine to the improvement of production technology. Each step is for the quality of the product.

Jacquard pattern of Metal Headband meticulous and never deformation from falling out. Metal Headband products using imported nylon yarn, environmental protection dye, and the most advanced computer jacquard machine, dyeing and finishing equipment and production. The dyeing and finishing can single-sided jacquard or double jacquard, jacquard part can form different patterns, concave and convex have send, there are flowers, birds, insects, such as no pattern.

Jacquard metal head, feel is good, bright color, not grinding material, mainly used for high-end luggage straps, national clothing, belt, hanging belt, domestic and foreign brand sports backpack, etc., can not only enhance the brand image, but also improve product added value.