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A Plastic Hair Clip To Play 12 Kinds Of Shapes, So You Hairstyle Every Day For Non-stop!

A Plastic Hair Clip to play 12 kinds of shapes, so you hairstyle every day for non-stop!
Are you still holding a small Plastic Hair Clip in the hair? You out! Today to teach you to play with a small Plastic Hair Clip pattern. From the hair every day for non-stop
【】 Star shape
Elegant princess head can also be different through the hair ornaments have different feelings, the use of simple Plastic Hair Clip first from the horizontal fixed, and then one by one folder out of the star to complete.
Will be horizontal twist braid with Plastic Hair Clip to wells fixed, compared to the general pattern of Plastic Hair Clip is not easy to fall, but also a little more fun.
Color arrow
This method is also the editor most want to personally try, first select a different color, with the shape of the arrow fixed bangs, in addition to creativity, the beauty is full of points.
[4.X word shape]
Short hair girls are the most troubled is the hair combed neat, but always will fall off a lot of short hair on the temples, if the Plastic Hair Clip to X-shaped fixed drop hair, not only convenient and type.
In the original tied fish bone pigtails in the cross inserted Plastic Hair Clip, so your shape looks more than others a special feeling.
The princess head to make a different change, the first horizontal hair fixed, and then the rest of the Plastic Hair Clip to make a different shape, triangular is a simple example.
【7 side of the modeling changes】
With a few Plastic Hair Clip can create a unique punk style, select the favorite color and then each Plastic Hair Clip along the hairpin sandwiched a row to the ear and you're done.
【8. Decorative Plastic Hair Clip】
If you think that only the Plastic Hair Clip itself is very boring, you can also pick the elegant decoration of the Plastic Hair Clip, as long as the bangs counterclockwise back and then use Plastic Hair Clip fixed, is a new shape.
[9. Fix the Plastic Hair Clip in the neck]
If you want to keep all the hair on the side, plus Plastic Hair Clip can make the overall shape to maintain longer.
Advanced version of the French head may be many people will not, in fact, this is the hair of all the hair is appropriate to be divided into 4 to 5 tied into a braid on the line, and finally choose the same day with the clothing echoed Plastic Hair Clip as embellishment On the line.
[11. simple change]
As long as you learn the basic method, you how to create a personal style are easy to get started.
【12 different styles of Plastic Hair Clip】
Will be learned above the method into a Plastic Hair Clip shape, immediately is a style.