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All Headwear

Humans use the tiara was very early, and all about decoration. Chinese characters of "beauty", who is actually a man wearing a headdress. The headdress may be a sheep's head, there are two horns; perhaps two long feathers, leading some to say "beautiful" words "like wore Plumed dancers." In fact, this situation in both the ancient and modern ethnic minorities can often be seen. It can be said that every nation in the world has a history of wearing a tiara, and spread in different forms to modern times.

Cangyuan County of China's southwestern Yunnan province, is now the WA community. On the mengdong River here on steep cliffs on both sides, preserving one of China's most ancient cliff paintings rock paintings in cangyuan. Ten paintings discovered in rock paintings in cangyuan, clear images of the characters more than more than 700. Among them, the body is tall and almost all of the characters in headdresses (tail), and the headgear is very prominent, headdress even longer than the length of the body. Headdress in the rock paintings in cangyuan, Horn, antler, ox tail, deer tail, tail, bird feathers and other items, especially the Horn headdress. This, and some ancient books of Yunnan minority nationalities recorded are exactly the same. Journal of Yunnan said; " Wang Ju pretty ... ... Clothes short, put yak tail, rush swiftly, the woman is all about. "The song barbarian IV said:" Jo Angel clothing Tiger fibrillation, decorated with tail plug. "In addition, in Ming and Qing dynasty compiled several books, JINO, Jingpo, etc, are" the first bone, put one feather, tied Red Vines "records. History of China's ethnic minorities headdress can be seen here.

Modern jewelry, much of material, limited to certain precious metals such as gold, silver, and gold and silver alloys such as imitation and jade, jade, diamonds, precious stones, pearls, coral, homeless, etc. In recent years, also began to manufacture plastics, ceramics and jewelry, but its popularity is lower. In contrast, headdress worn by the minority, its material is much more abundant, but also not the pursuit of luxury, but locally, to respond. To sum up, used as material for headdresses of ethnic minorities in the world can be divided into three categories: animal, plant and mineral categories. Animal horns and feathers of the above already mentioned, but there are animal bones, ivory, shell, shell, crab claw, claw, there is even some small animals. Plant hair flowers, leaves, bamboo bamboo and wooden sticks, MOSS and other, even fruit. Mineral head ornament has a variety of gravel, stone beads, stones or metals such as copper, iron, gold, silver, etc. Visible minority headgear is very diverse. Bizarre, but are also very colorful.