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Baby Headband Choice Should Pay Attention To Soft And Comfortable

Baby Headband choice should pay attention to soft and comfortable
Baby skin delicate, baby to choose the Headband and other toiletries, must be soft and comfortable, can not damage the baby's tender skin. Bamboo fiber is the fifth largest natural fiber after cotton, hemp, wool and silk, and its hygroscopicity and permeability are among the largest textile fibers. It is a kind of natural ecological fiber that will breathe, Known as "second skin".
Fiber towels have four characteristics: feels soft and comfortable and flexible, like the baby skin is very delicate; only need to clean the water rinse, without any cleaning agent can be very clean; not mildew stink, wet weather will not mold Smelly; with fresh and comfortable, you can instantly absorb a lot of water, the water absorption is 1.5 times the cotton.
Ordinary Headband breathable, poor drainage, bacteria will be a large number of breeding, and bamboo fiber contains natural bactericidal ingredients, with inhibition of bacteria, mites breeding role, for daily cleansing to provide clean, safe health protection.
Although the baby's beautiful by the innate genetic factors, but through the day after the remedy can be improved. We often say "little face beauty", visible, "little face" is a "beauty" of a prerequisite. For the newborn baby, if the baby to take a side sleeping position, to prevent excessive development of the mandible caused by cheeks too large and the formation of big cheek face.
But the newborn baby still maintained the gesture of the tire, how to adjust the baby side is believed that most novice mother concerned about the topic. As the newborn baby's bones are softer, so you can use a soft head to shape the baby's sleeping position. The specific method is as follows:
First prepare the Headband (bath towel can also) two: the proposed selection of better quality Headband, because the newborn baby's skin is very tender, ordinary Headband due to quality problems in contact with the baby easily damage the baby's skin. The size of the Headband depends on the baby's body length.
Step: Place a Headband into a tube. The other Headband in the opposite direction into a cylindrical, but the middle of the Headband to stay a little space, do not all rolled up. Let the baby lie in the second volume of the Headband roll, both sides of the rolled up part can help the baby's body to keep lying side, not skew. And then put the first volume of the Headband roll on the back of the baby, which is to support the baby's small body.
Need to pay special attention to is: to take the side of the sleeping position, do not be fixed on one side, should be on both sides of the timely alternation, so as to avoid head shape and face shape asymmetry, but also pay attention not to the baby's ear wheel pressure deformation.
The head of the ring than the pores to a large number of times to hundreds of times, it is difficult to penetrate the pores, the depth of the dirt grease clean. Long wet does not dry the Headband is conducive to a variety of microbial breeding, wet head with face wash face is different from the face to apply a variety of bacteria. It is best to use a soft cleansing cotton wash your face, and often dry disinfection.
The weather is damp, Headband consumption is particularly fast, it is easy to sticky slip, floating strange smell and so on. How can the life of the Headband be extended in rainy days?
    Headband brand sales staff to teach us the following little trick ---
Q: I have shampoo every day, why Headband is still so easy to use bad, easy to stink sticky slip?
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    Head with a certain thickness, dry Headband takes some time, the weather will be more long time, this time the bacteria can be a lot of breeding in the Headband, we appear that the so-called Headband sticky slip phenomenon.
    Southerners used to Headband "wet". In fact, with the wet head on the skin back and forth friction, not only make the skin prone to wrinkles, the body off the cortex is also easy to enter the middle of the coil, into foster care in the Headband of bacteria and mites food, but not clean.
Q: How can I make my Headband more durable?
A: In fact, dry Headband is a lot of head with a professional brand recommended healthy use, while the Headband can be more durable. Dry Headband, that is, when washing or bathing, first with a shower gel and clean water, and then dry with a dry head. Because the Headband is dry on the body clean water, do not have to clean the Headband every day, you can clean the next day.
When cleaning the Headband, you can hand wash or put into the washing machine, but do not use softener, which will make the Headband fiber surface adhesion grease, reduce Headband water absorption; do not use bleach or brightener So that the Headband will harden.