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Children's Hair Clip Purchase Need To Pay Attention To What

Children's Hair Clip purchase need to pay attention to what
With the vigorous development of China Hair Clip industry, Hair Clip manufacturers to produce the Hair Clip began to break the traditional Hair Clip concept, also began to innovation, chic and other high-end electronic Hair Clip products. Resulting in today's Hair Clip style novel, full-featured, but also to the child many different selection. Because now parents are busy with their own business. So, will be satisfied with the needs of the child in the Hair Clip, endless supply of their favorite Hair Clip. However, in the purchase of hair clips, parents are not going to pay attention to what kind of Hair Clip contrast with the appropriate child, perhaps, what Hair Clip on the child harm it?

A catapult
Ejection Hair Clip that hair clip itself can be exterminated by external action, do parabolic movement or hit the target directly, such as soft bullets and so on.
Dongguan Leo tips: the usual catapult eruptions are relatively large, such as a variety of hair clips pistols, water guns, and has been widely used in our folk slingshot, crossbow, etc., there are many families now have a variety of darts Hair Clip, etc., and thus let the children do so far away from the risk of a catapult.
2. a Hair Clip with a rope (yo-yo)
Strap Hair Clip is a variety of tied with a rope Hair Clip, which contains a variety of rope jewelry, yo-yo and so on.
Dongguan Li Shi Tip: the child is very loving holding the rope pulling or holding the rope to play, the rope is very simple wrapped around the child's fingers or neck, the length of the light is the formation of fingertip ischemic necrosis, weight can let the baby suffocated. So in the selection of a rope with a Hair Clip, the length of the rope can not exceed the baby's neck circumference, young children do not want to play this type of Hair Clip Hair Clip.

3. Mask Hair Clip
Mostly plastic products, but also useful pulp or wood pulp restrictions, the pattern for the shape of cartoon characters or animals, the children are very fond of wearing these mask hair clip play.
Dongguan Li Shi tips: some unqualified mask Hair Clip is made of toxic plastic, rich in toxic chemicals, the child may be inhaled in the body may be damaged; other, some mask Hair Clips themselves airtight, in the mouth and The nose did not leave the place to breathe, if the child wear a long time will form a brain hypoxia, so that children show dizziness, Vientiane scene, severe when the formation of suffocation. To determine the risk of a mask Hair Clip situation, depending on the Hair Clip mouth and nasal cavity into the hole size is not safe, and then look at the mask Hair Clip is not qualified raw materials, is rich in toxic substances. As a parent, in the purchase of hair clips for children, to learn to identify "two material" Hair Clip.
Balloon Hair Clip
Hair balloon is usually rubber or plastic products, filled with air or hydrogen, colorful, changing shape.
Dongguan baller tips: balloon there are a variety of risks, mainly balloon blasting simple to the child to form damage, especially the hydrogen balloon, if the flame, but also cause severe combustion; followed by balloon debris once into the child's respiratory tract, Difficult to take out of a direct threat to life safety. Therefore, the children play balloons, the parents should pay more attention, if the balloon was broken by the child, to timely order each piece of debris, so as not to be swallowed by children.