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Clever Use Of Hair Band Easy To Create Ultra-stylish Ponytail

Clever use of Hair Band easy to create ultra-stylish ponytail
With the hair to bring clothing with a lot of women often believe that things, in fact, hair can not only around the neck, it is used to modify the hair is also a good choice Oh, today is to introduce a hair ponytail, The steps are simple and studious, and because the Hair Band can also be a lot of style according to the mood to make a variety of patterns, heart, then come together to learn it
With the Hair Band of the modification, the original simple monotonous ponytail all of a sudden there is angry, but also according to the Hair Band style, the shape into a variety of styles and effects, The
Prepare 1
First, prepare a color and pattern is more bright and bright square Hair Band, and then the first diagonal fold into a triangle.
Prepare 2
Then, the corner of the triangle Hair Band to the hypotenuse folded again, and then folded the second time, so that the Hair Band into a long strip shape.
All kinds of hair styling hair styling is indeed more than the three-dimensional distribution and characteristics, and now in the pursuit of the era of personality, just a hair styling seems still can not meet those who pursue fashion beauty MM, we may wish to use some Hair ornaments to make the hair plate made more refined.
Xiaobian today in addition to the introduction of this issue of hair, but also focus on how to deal with this hair and hair with Oh, I believe that Hair Band and hairpin made such a good look.
The first step, the hair on both sides of the temple and the top side of the hair roughly taken together, and along the direction of the ear side of the hair, and finally tied in the ear position and hair will be slightly relaxed, looks more fluffy.
The second step, from the other side of the hair from the hair out of a large hand and to reverse, and then use the word folder will be the first step with the braids fixed together.
The third step, as shown in the picture from the back of the head 1/2 position began to knot two knots, and finally tied with a rubber band, and then from both sides of the ear side of the hair out of a handful of hair twisted into a bunch, and finally the two to the neck Side tied into a low horsetail.
The fourth step, the third step tied the horsetail into a simple three braids, and then as a map with the Hair Band inserted in the last knot in the knot.
The fifth step, to seize the Hair Band at both ends and the Hair Band as the center, the braids to do inside the curl gestures, clever to keep the braids.
Step 6, as shown in the figure to curl curled hair in the hair, then the Hair Band firmly tied.
Step 7, the Hair Band at both ends around the head, and then make a beautiful bow is done, because the bottom from the bottom of the brain began to around, so the last bow just in the forehead diagonal position Oh.
The entire plate hair styling need to pay attention to create a sense of fluffy, while retaining the temples and bangs, looks more natural, slightly lazy feeling.
How about the big hair with the Hair Band? Bohemia's Hair Band, dynamic cute, with big curly hair, show the curly hair soft. With more look at personal face, aesthetic, preferences. Hair Band is not only a complete set of dress complete, more good face contours exposed, so that facial features, facial features become neat and stylish. How can you not have a Hair Band? Take a look at the big curly hair with Hair Band how?
Hair Band is the most romantic, coolest, most casual hair ornaments, plasticity is also the strongest. Different materials, shape, width of the Hair Band can also affect the face shape of the visual size. Wearing a Hair Band for the elegant, sexy big curly hair to give a trace of vitality, adding a subtle playful. Long face MM can be worn in the hair near the position of the forehead, you can play to shorten the effect of face.
In a simple hairstyle with the overall style of dress with a similar Hair Band to make the whole person a new look, to create a different style features. So that the beauty of the girls to meet their beauty of the heart.
How about the big hair with the Hair Band? Now you know it Do not wait, do not hesitate, and soon to buy a bar!