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Hair Band The Historical Origins Of The Hair Band

 Hair Band Hair band of historical origin, hair band is used for fixed hair, more decorative effect. There is no fixed range of material, lace, silk, fur, color cloth can be, length and width are not limited. With more look at personal face, aesthetic, preferences. Hair band is not only a complete set of dress complete, more good face contours exposed, so that facial features, facial features become neat and stylish.

  Hair band is used for children or adults fixed hair, more decorative effect, you can make the whole person's spiritual temperament are changed

  Simple hair can be used with a simple taste, different styles and methods will also bring different visual effects. Simple hair band can also reveal a different style, in their own hair can be tied to a lot of different styles of hair bands, to decorate the crush of colorful day

  Retrospective origins, the most popular one is to return to ancient Greece, ancient Rome


  Hair Band The hair crown. About 475 BC, the ancient Greeks with flowers and leaves with gold, silver, precious stones made of the first crown, in droves in the Dionysian celebration indulge in carnival, in the arena of the winners who sing Triumph; perfect body, flaxy curly hair, and then decorated with exquisite Yifei hair crown, which is a gods of the United States enjoy the paradise.

  Hair Band There is said that the hair band is the hair and hat "mix" version, if according to this inference, then into the 19th century, 30 years, European fashion women, try to "give up" hat and direct use of ribbons, lace and other soft fabric Bar hair bun, and then plug in the floral, feathers popular, it is likely to be the earliest modern style. Refers to the modern and Glamor years, that the 30s of last century, bright stars of Hollywood, talented allure black and white actress, such as the charming Chinese actress Anna May Wong, Yanzhi temptation Louis Brooks, mysterious snow goddess of war And so are the interpretation of wide hair with a generation of beauty

  Hair Band 60 years wide hair with dress method: the hair all placed on one side, fixed with rubber band. The hair band tied to the bangs and temples behind, and then the back of the hair with a hair pull fluffy sense. Finally, with the curlers will be the following long hair rolled out a large volume (compiled fluffy braid is also very beautiful and convenient).

  At the 2004 Golden Globe Awards, Nicole Kidman took the lead in bringing the hair band back into the popular end, her sparkling gold hair, with a satin gold band, wearing a "Deep V" golden flash Evening wear, suddenly in the frivolous red carpet dumping all beings.