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Hair Clip With A Good Let You Feminine Customs Million

Hair Clip with a good let you feminine customs million
Every woman's wardrobe, in addition to a lot of clothes will have a few Hair Clips, hair clips are clothes embellishment, an ordinary clothes through a Hair Clip small embellishment will live green and shiny, but the Hair Clip Department of law and color with, how to choose a suitable for their Hair Clip, which is very knowledgeable, today, let me say that the mystery of it!
The choice of Hair Clip and your color season and dress style are closely related. What is the color season? That is, you use the color range from head to toe, is determined by your hair, eyes, skin color, divided into deep, shallow, cold, warm, net, soft six categories.
If you are often called "chocolate" beauty in life, you have black hair and black eyes and not white skin color, you are a "deep" color type, then you choose to choose when the Hair Clip Some of the color is strong, colorful, can not choose too clear and panic of the old color, tied the Hair Clip will make your face look pale and no spirit. On the contrary, some clear color Hair Clip, such as light peach, light gold, suitable for "light" color type of people, most of these people are not too dark hair, black skin, if the Department of dark Hair Clip , Can only look old and rigid. Blue or purple hair clip is full of romantic colors, suitable for the face of the green tone of the "cold" color type of people, "cold" color type can not be the end of the tone of the Hair Clip, will appear haggard and no god. Orange and so on the color of the yellow tone is full of sunny warm, but not everyone with good-looking, only "warm" color type people with only beautiful, if you are a "warm" color type, you can choose pumpkin color, Yellow and other color Hair Clip. Some bright pink, apple green, water blue and other bright hair clip is a "net" type of people a good choice, black hair, white skin, black eyes are "net" type, these high degree of color Will make the "net" type of people reflects the diamond-like glory.
Hair Clip in addition to the color to choose the right, but also pay attention to style, texture and the Department of law, such as some small lace, small grid hair clip is suitable for small, lovely "girl type" people, they are not suitable for Hair Clip Too exaggerated, such as big bow or big shawl. "Romantic" is required to be beautiful and delicate, so some rough texture of the Hair Clip can not be tied, such as hemp, very wrinkled cotton and so on. Hair Clip pattern can be water ripple, large flowers, the system can also be atmospheric and feminine, such as big bow, large flower and so on.
And some girls like the Hair Clip tied into a tie, very handsome! This method is more suitable for "juvenile" and "fashion" type, coupled with the shirt, will look very stylish and very capable. "Classic" is noble, rigorous, Hair Clip system requires dignified, material should be delicate, texture, not too skewed, too exaggerated. Some Bohemian style Hair Clip method is the atmosphere and random, and perhaps simply put on the body can bring out the "natural" people's temperament, the fabric can also be hemp, cotton and other wrinkles, slightly rough Feeling, such as a large needle scarf, corduroy, rough and so on. And the atmosphere is the "drama" of the key method of Hair Clip, can not stingy, labeled as a small flower, small collar knot is not suitable for them, should be a large shawl, large flower and their atmosphere is consistent with the temperament, Even if the choice of small square to have a larger color to do better.
Choose the color and style of the Hair Clip, according to the style, the right to play a suitable Hair Clip, in order to make your clothing more color, more beautiful!