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Headband In The Choice Of What Needs To Be Considered

Headband in the choice of what needs to be considered
In some countries the men or women out of the time, will wear the decoration, also has a cover role in many women in Islam will wear the decoration, many businesses in order to sell the need to enter such goods, in the choice of In the process, need to pay attention to what business?
1. Pay attention to breathability
Headband in the choice of the requirements, need to pay attention to the breath of the concern, the decoration is generally brought in the head, and the hat there is a significant difference in the production of its performance on the more breathable.
2. Pay attention to gender requirements
Headband in the selection process, but also need to pay attention to the requirements of the sex, the general men in the style of the pattern may exist a little more requirements, but in the women's pattern will be relatively simple.
3. Note the size of the specification
Men and women in the body of the different requirements of the Arab head in the size of the specifications also have different requirements to ensure that the size of the specifications in line with the requirements of decoration, to avoid too difficult to wear the situation.
The Headband in the selection process, need to pay attention to these aspects of consideration, to ensure its use in the comfort, in line with the requirements of the use of the size of the size to meet the needs of the body.
Lead to avoid safety issues
        With the arrival of the summer, the temperature gradually height, a lot of people have been wearing a sunscreen, such as sunscreen dare to go out, but the road often see a lot of people do not wear a sunscreen directly take a large Headband directly when the sun The clothes are draped over the body. Although the Headband can really be used as a sunscreen draped over the sun, but this is a security risk, wanted a few days ago the news also reported a mother riding an electric car with a child, sitting in the back seat of the child is to take the mother's Headband wrapped in the body, because the head is too much reason to be involved in the wheels of electric cars, and cause the child to pull off the car.
Headband in outdoor use
1. Headband the most original approach, set in the head can be. Behind the part of the hanging can also make a knot.
2. Baotou you can also like the Islamic women like the hair wrapped up, feeling mysterious.
3. melon cap to head over the head, set in the ears and Qi Mei Department, will be part of the straightened, rotating a few laps, open, wrapped in the head. Double melon hood made, quite like the landlord old money it.
4. Headband Headband folded into a double layer, set in the head, the hair can be pulled out. The width of the Headband can be adjusted.
5. head rope with a Headband a circle around the hair together, as long as the ponytail will be the bar Oh
The head of the human brain is the location of the brain. Head for the sun will be the meeting. Although the skin of the head is thin, but the blood vessels and sweat both thick and thick, so the body heat often from the head a lot of outward evaporation. The study data show that the temperature around l5C when the body about 1/3 of the heat emitted from the head; temperature around 4C, the body about 1/2 heat from the head of the distribution; and the temperature in the minus l0C or so, there will be 3/4 body heat run away from the head. This shows that the head and the human body heat balance is very large. If a person wears only a few more clothes, not a hat, it is like hot water and not cover the same plug, the heat will continue to output out.
Winter hat can not only keep warm, but also to avoid colds and colds, cough, headache, facial nerve palsy (that is, mouth crooked material) and other diseases.
One is conducive to warm.
The body's head is also very warm (easy to heat), but also need to bring the head warm.
Second is conducive to health care.
Cold, then, inevitably cause cerebral vasoconstriction, ranging from dizziness will feel, headache, while the accident will occur.
Three is beautiful features.
If you buy a beautiful, stylish some of the Headband, there is a dialect, said gimmick gimmick, gimmick on the head. Head, can bring the head to beautify!
Fourth, the protection function.
Headband in the head, if a little touch, the Headband can be buffered. If there is a high drop and hat barrier.