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Headband To Buy Experts Weapon

Headband to buy experts Weapon

Summer comes, Headband, Headband, bath towel, bathrobe is the frequent use of the season. But the reporter found that consumers for the purchase and use of such products there are still some questions. In this issue we invite veterans to the industry, for everyone to do one by one to answer questions.

Question one

We often buy Headband, bath towels often hear long-staple cotton, short cotton, Egyptian cotton such concepts. What do these categories mean? What are the different cotton products in their daily lives?

According to HOLA special forces and music commodity management (Headband) project manager Mao Hongmei introduction, Headband fabric material from the broad range of points, divided into cotton and fiber two. And then subdivided down, cotton is generally divided by origin, as we are familiar with China's Xinjiang cotton, the United States produced the US cotton, there is a South Asian subcontinent production of Egyptian cotton. To be divided according to the length of cotton fiber can be divided into Pima cotton, long cotton, short cotton. Pima cotton is the top long-staple cotton, cotton fiber length of the best cotton, followed by long-staple cotton, the most famous is the Xinjiang long-staple cotton and Egyptian long-staple cotton.

Question two

In addition to the common cotton, but also see the soybean protein Headband, jade fiber, chitin fiber, bamboo carbon fiber, wood fiber and other materials, Headband products, these products in the name of some natural Of the material, is this material belongs to the natural material? What are the characteristics of these materials compared with cotton?

Mao Hongmei introduction, fiber products are divided into two kinds, one is natural fiber, one is chemical fiber. Natural fibers are extracted from animals, plants, minerals, etc., and through a series of processed fibers. Divided into plant fibers (such as bamboo carbon fiber, wood fiber, soybean protein fiber), animal fiber (such as silk fiber), mineral fiber (such as jade fiber). Chemical fiber refers to the chemical extraction of the fiber, man-made fibers (such as viscose fiber), synthetic fibers (such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene), inorganic fibers (such as glass fiber, carbon fiber).

Different characteristics of different fibers, their products are also different. Mao Hongmei also gave us two examples to illustrate: for example, bamboo fiber in natural fibers, this material feel smooth, touch like silk in general. Moisture absorption is better, and bamboo charcoal itself has a certain antibacterial antibacterial function, the drawback is the water absorption than the pure cotton Headband to be worse, and is refined and re-processing, as cotton material is more natural; synthetic fiber also Is our most commonly used polyester fiber, the market to sell some of the superfine fiber Headband, towels are more of this material. Its characteristics are good water absorption, fabric light, strong detergency, not easy hair loss fade, long service life. The disadvantage is due to chemical synthesis, not so natural and healthy, so this kind of material commonly used in rags, mats, etc., and skin contact with the human body less. If you contact with the human body, then most of the cotton part of the polyester made of blended material.

Question three

Jacquard, printing, cut velvet, twist, shopping guide often referred to these concepts, they all represent what? What are the effects of these processes on our choice of Headband textiles?

According to reports, the above terms, are that the Headband production or follow-up on the Headband to carry out some of the treatment process. Jacquard is used in the weaving head with different colors or raw materials of yarn, in the jacquard weaving different patterns. Jacquard head with three-dimensional sense of strong, but the disadvantage is that the same latitude line can not be more than three colors; printing head with the general is divided into two kinds of active printing and paint printing, the two compared to the active printing better, reactive printing does not change the head With the feel, better color, paint printed feel hard, rigid pattern of three-dimensional sense of rigid. The print Headband and jacquard head compared to the color does not require, what color can be, more expressive.

No twist Headband is the head of the yarn without twist, no yarn twist into the line, characterized by fluffy soft, good water absorption, the disadvantage is easy to break, easy hair loss. After the velvet belt is produced by the Headband, the trousers are cut and processed. Will cut the terry cut off and cut the surface of the hair cut, the Headband is more smooth and shiny, feel more soft, the disadvantage is the hair loss rate is high, but also in the national standard is also a separate cut cashmere hair cut Separate regulations are lower than the average ring Headband standard. Mao Hongmei mentioned that there is a process on the market called hollow yarn, the middle of the yarn is empty, which is in all the Headband in the best air permeability, water absorption and softness is also very good, is now relatively novel one Technology.