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Home Hair Band For A Long Time To Keep Hair With Soft

Home Hair Band for a long time to keep hair with soft
First, the first, twice the Taomi water into the pot, and then put the hair into the cook, boil and then cook for a while and then clean rice soup. After this treatment, Hair Band will be white, but also a touch of rice fragrance.
Second, the Hair Band on the washing liquid in hot water, cook or hot for 5 minutes, then hot clean.
Third, every time with soap, washing powder or lye to the Hair Band to boil for a few minutes, can prevent hard hair. Boiled Hair Band should be immersed in water, so as to avoid contact with the air oxidation and change the color. And then with water, warm water rinse again, to the water in the ventilation. After drying, the Hair Band will restore soft. Need to be reminded that the hair can not be long in the sun exposure to the natural ventilation in the air as well.
Fourth, the hair will be boiled with boiling water for about 10 minutes, then wash with soap, and then fully washed with water. Finally, the Hair Band folded into a microwave oven, heating 5 minutes.
Fifth, the Hair Band on the 1: 4 vinegar solution, the water should not be more, over the Hair Band on the line. Soak for 5 minutes and then scrub, then rinse with clean water can also make the hair belt to restore softness.
There are 10 benefits to the female friends
1, to improve dizziness
Will be hot Hair Band on the back of the head, each time a few minutes, this can stimulate the back of the head of the points, can improve some patients with dizziness symptoms, but also improve the responsiveness and thinking ability.
2, prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis
Early symptoms of cervical spondylosis, such as neck hard, soreness or cold after a slight pain, can be used to improve the symptoms with hot compress, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle spasms, prevent cervical spondylosis.
3, relieve chronic lumbar pain
Lumbar pain with Hair Band heat, can relieve local symptoms, such as serious illness should be timely to the hospital for treatment.
4, ease the buttocks pain
Buttocks muscle stiffness accompanied by mild dull pain, soreness pain, can be flat with the hair with hot compress pain site, can relieve symptoms.
5, to ease eye fatigue
With the hair with hot compress can promote eye blood circulation, reduce eye fatigue, can partially alleviate the symptoms of dry eye, as well as eyesight brain effect.
6, to prevent deafness
With Hair Band deposited in the ear or gently rub rub, can improve the ear blood circulation, prevention of functional deafness caused by ischemia.
7, governance pillow
A slight pillow can be used to heat the affected area, and with the neck activities. The head slowly bend forward, gently turn left and right side of the forward.
8, treatment of dysmenorrhea or cold abdominal pain
Female dysmenorrhea or cold caused by abdominal pain, Hair Band available hair with hot compress, can play a siltation, qi pain effect.
9, bruises
Sports injury stress period can not be hot compress, Hair Band can occur in the injury 2-3 days, if not bleeding and no swelling, this time can be used to relieve fever with hot compress symptoms.
10, to the induration caused by injection
Gently applied in the indentation after the injection of the site, each 30 minutes, while hot side rubbing, to promote the hard end of the blood circulation, accelerate the absorption of liquid.
When the damaged parts of the blisters or broken to form an "open wound", it is not suitable for Hair Band heat. Sprain in the acute phase is still bleeding, swelling should not heat, should wait until hemostasis, swelling 48 hours after the hot compress. Acute abdominal pain is not diagnosed and pink eye is not appropriate with Hair Band heat.