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How Do Different Dyes Play A Role In The Dyeing Of Metal Headband

How do different dyes play a role in the dyeing of Metal Headband

Hello, are you clear about the effect of different dyes on the dyeing of the metal headband? Take the manufacturer to show you.

Metal headband dyeing is a common working process, but the dye is a kind of complex organic matter, because a lot of more phyletic, suitable for different metal headband products can play a good effect.

Acid dyes are generally applicable to protein fiber, nylon fiber, silk, etc., the main features are bright color, but not water - resistant, dry cleaning can, the current application is more extensive; Alkaline dye is mainly suitable for acrylic, polyester, polyamide fiber, fiber and protein fiber, mainly characterized by bright color, especially suitable for synthetic fibers, but used the natural cellulose, protein fabric not water resistant, resistant to light chroma also have a poor sense of direction; Direct dyes are suitable for cellulose fiber fabrics, the fastness of washing is poor, and the tolerance of luminosity is different, but the washing color of the modified direct dyes can be improved greatly. Disperse dyes are suitable for viscose, acrylic, nylon, dacron, etc., washing fastness varies, polyester is good, viscose is poor; Azo fuel is suitable for cellulose fabric, which is suitable for bright color. Reactive dyes, mostly used in cellulose fiber fabrics, have bright color, light resistance, water washing and friction resistance. Vulcanized dyes are suitable for cellulose fiber fabrics. They are dark and dark. They are mainly Tibetan, black and brown. They are good for light, water and water, and are resistant to chlorine bleaching. Reduced dyes are suitable for cellulosic fabrics, light, wash, and chlorine bleaching and other oxidation bleaching.

To be made of various threads or yarns. The picture has flowers, plants, insects, mountains and rivers. The woman of the woman of the woman is a kind of entertainment and enjoyment. Modern society, the variety of metal head belt is more and more complex, the pattern also becomes more and more complete, the domain that it USES also is omnipresent. The metal headband itself is made of silk yarns, and the woven Metal Headband are woven into various accessories, which are reflected in the clothing, food, and living in the people's day.

Beautiful clothes can be seen everywhere on the colorful metal headband decorated, in pay attention to color, aroma, taste all of the time, the metal headband also quietly on the holiday table, all kinds of a variety of household act the role ofing is tasted in the home is to let a person too many things to see, on the streets of walking in the warm, metal headband made all sorts of little thing to make your day becomes more relaxed, beautiful souvenir metal head in give you leave deep image together and convenience to others, that is to bring you a surprise!

The first step:

Prepare all kinds of Metal Headband, plaid, black border ribbon, a small piece of non-woven fabric, and a hairpin for the hairpin, and a pin for the brooch. There are needles and threads.

The second step:

Cut a piece of unwoven round plate to be a base, the flower diameter of the hair clip is greater than the hairpin. Then make the first layer of the rainbow metal headband, which is the great detail of the rainbow metal headband. The cut of the metal head belt to the base half of the base and then fixed on the base, seam a ring, to cover the base, the metal head of the flower of the prototype came out, not bad.

Step 3:

The same way to make a rainbow metal headband with a floral bottom layer, only the metal tip is shorter than the first.