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How Do You Choose A Headband

How do you choose a Headband

One. Knitted polyester head fabric is a synthetic fabric. The selection of the fabric should be carried out in the following aspects.

1. The fabric

Knitted polyester Headband fabric has warp knitted fabric and weft knitted fabric. Although both are processed by heat or resin, their extensibility and other properties are still different. Therefore, different styles of clothing performance of different fabric jacket of choose and buy should choose and weft knitting advisable, because strong weft often have a variety of colored yarn weaving or have more variety of medicine textured, design and color is various, especially suitable for different styles of beautiful women's coat; Clothing, such as trousers and skirts should be made of warp knitted fabrics. For the warp knitting polyester fabrics trousers crisp appearance, structure compact, good abrasion resistance, less fuzz and pilling and hook wire, coupled with the fullness of the warp knitting fabric, elastic and beautiful shape than weft knitting is poor, so the knitting polyester with the warp knitted fabric for pants and skirt suits, etc.

2. Headband See the class

The quality and quality of the knitted polyester Headband are divided into one class, two equal, three equal and other foreign products. From the point of view of the fabric, the quality of the knitted polyester head fabric with the first grade is naturally superior to that of other grade products.

3. Headband See the appearance

Fabric appearance is closely related to fabric tissue. So, when choosing a piece of knitwear, it is important to observe whether the tissue is a basic organization or a change organization. The space between the coils is slack or tight, whether it is soft or rough. Fabric luster, color, pattern, when use both hands to pull the fabric depends on how its longitudinal or transverse flexibility and extensibility, easy to distort and so on, in short, to observe the fabric meets the basic requirements are clothing styles, fabric appearance is consistent with the clothing styles coordinate effect.

4. Headband See the defect

There are many defects in the fabric appearance of the knitted polyester head, and the serious defect will affect the effect of wear. Such as puncture holes, lack of silk, hook, breakage, tension and severe weft. Lighter defects, such as oil color silk, coarse silk, filaments, knot head knot, Headband color flower, chromatic aberration, coil edge, bad side, reflection, etc. Had mild defect while wearing the cloth, but affects the level of fabric, in short when knitting polyester with the fabric of choose and buy, the less the defects on the fabric is better, in addition to the cull, cannot appear impact wear with serious defects.

In addition, Headband if the consumer selects the knitted polyester head belt coat, also observe its sewing quality. Line is strong, the stitching is fine, whether the needle is too large, etc., in general, sewing knitted polyester with the coat should be 11 needle is preferred, needles too thick, easy to damage and appear coil pin hole, affect the quality of the knitted polyester with the coat.