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How Good-looking 15 Different Hair Style Hair Band Tie

A Ribbon can make your boring ponytail or ball head became filled with fun and flavor variety line give you half a month will not repeat the same style, every day surprise. Learn Ribbon tie, and by analogy, other hair wearing a different kind of style.

First line: generally, you like with her hair and just put the ribbons from the innermost of the hair through, on top of slightly off center of the tie a little butterfly, looks sweet than many.

Second line: all bangs combed to the back and tie a simple knot Ribbon, hiding in the back of the hair, clean and fresh.

Third line: take slightly above a section of hair on the right side, with rubber band ligation, then tie the Ribbon to the top, Ribbon tail to stay longer at your side, make it more elegant. Hair a little at the top of the zhaqi Larsson, let it stick out a little bit, looking more cute.

Fourth line: first, head hair inside manufacturing volume, then small hair clips for fixing a sense of high, again using rubber band tie up one and a half bar, finally tie Ribbon as a point, and a lady.

Fifth line: simple half-tie tie Ribbon.

The sixth line: from various parts of the left and right sides of a braided and fastened with a Ribbon, tie a Butterfly Festival, elegant girl hairstyle.

The seventh line: simple low ponytail decorated with Ribbon as it's not too boring.

The eighth line: side ponytail headband-line

The Nineth line: high ponytail hair bands in common law

Tenth Law: France side-braided hair headband line, France MM braided hair is not very familiar with, detail: Classic France braided hair tutorial

The 11th line: lateral part ordinary Ribbon braided line, charming.

The 12th line: Classic France weave Ribbon line

The 13th line: the temperament side hair line

The 14th line: ball flower bud hair line

15th line: the Ribbon into small Butterfly Festival, fixed on the hairpin, sandwiched as decorative can.