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How To Buy Headband For Yourself

How to buy Headband for yourself
1. From the fabric and color to identify the quality. Good fabric is the first element, in addition, the Headband to "hand" sewing for the election. Printing color must be uniform, in general, the more rich color the better quality.
2. According to the characteristics of the body to pick. For example: short neck, choose a little thin little Headband, knot best tied to the neck side, or loose low in the chest; petite people should avoid too cumbersome too long system.
3. Pay attention to whether the special design. There is a special design of the Headband to use special play to show creativity. Purchase must pay attention to the pattern, we must personally test tied.
4. To conform to personal style. If you belong to the good girl, then the silk Headband will be the best choice; and transparent yarn Headband for romantic modeling; want to try avant-garde style, with a glossy texture of the Headband will have an unexpected effect. Headband purchase skills
When you are interested in a Headband, the first thing to do is to close it to the face and see if it matches the face. If not with the face, do not hesitate to immediately give up. It should be noted that some of the Headband color design although impeccable, but with their favorite and fit between the color there are subtle differences. This situation should be a variety of colors to do some comparison, and then from the distance in the mirror, to confirm the overall shape and clothing with the atmosphere of the situation. Back effect and side effects can not be ignored. And then the Headband to form a usual shape to try on, so you can see the pattern of the style and effect shown.
No matter how good the Headband, if not with the clothing, will only occupy your wardrobe space in vain. To clear their own purpose, is to match the dress with the office, or to show a show at the dinner. If there is enough room for selection, but also consider the lipstick color, belt or bag and other small accessories with.
When you wear your favorite Headband, be sure to be full of confidence, do not have to worry too much, just spend some thoughts with, even if there are small mistakes, others will think that your personality is reflected.
Face more richer people, in order to make the contours of the face seems fresh and thin, the key is to head down part of the stretch as much as possible, emphasizing the sense of vertical, and pay attention to keep the integrity of the vertical lines from head to toe, try not to Interrupted.
When you are knotted, choose those knot styles for personal dress styles, such as diamond knots, rhombus flowers, roses, heart knots, cross knots, etc., to avoid overlapping in the neck, too horizontal and layered texture too strong Of the knot.
Around the horizontal system can be developed to show the collar of the hazy sense of elegance, and weaken the face of a longer feeling. Such as lily knot, necklace, double knot, etc. In addition, the head can also be twisted into a slightly thick rod-shaped, the Department of the bow-shaped, not too tight, try to let the head down naturally, rendering Hazy feeling.
From the forehead to the jaw, the width of the face gradually narrowed down the triangular face of the people, giving a harsh impression and facial monotonous feeling. At this point the Headband can be used to make the neck full of layers, to a luxurious tie style, there will be a good effect. Such as leaves with roses knot, necklace, blue and white knot and so on.
Pay attention to reduce the number of Headband around the sag of the triangular part to be as natural as possible to avoid the system was too tight, and pay attention to the horizontal level of knot.
Cheeks wide, forehead, mandibular width and the length of the face is basically the same square face of the people, easy to give people a lack of soft feeling. Tie Headband as far as possible around the neck clean and agile, and in the chest to play some sense of strong sense of knot, coupled with simple lines of the coat, the interpretation of a noble temperament.