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How To Choose The Hair Band For Their Own

When you are interested in a Hair Band, you are prompted to note the following:
1. From the fabric and color to identify the quality. Good fabric is the first element, in addition, the hair side to "hand" sewing for the election. Printing color must be uniform, in general, the more rich color the better quality.
2. According to the characteristics of the body to pick. For example: short neck, choose a little thin Hair Band, knot best in the neck side, or loose low in the chest; petite and exquisite people should avoid too cumbersome too long system.
3. Pay attention to whether the special design. There is a special design of the Hair Band to use special play to show creativity. Purchase must pay attention to the pattern, we must personally test tied.
4. To conform to personal style. If you belong to the good girl, then the silk ribbon will be the best choice; and transparent yarn quality band for romantic modeling; want to try avant-garde style, with a glossy texture of the Hair Band will have an unexpected effect. Hair Band of the purchase skills
When you are interested in a Hair Band, the first thing to do is to close it to the face, to see whether the match with the face. If not with the face, do not hesitate to immediately give up. It should be noted that some of the Hair Band color design although impeccable, but with their favorite and suitable for the color between the existence of subtle differences. This situation should be a variety of colors to do some comparison, and then from the distance in the mirror, to confirm the overall shape and clothing with the atmosphere of the situation. Back effect and side effects can not be ignored. And then the Hair Band will usually form a common shape to try on, so you can know the pattern shown by the style and effect.
No matter how good Hair Band, if not with the clothing, will only occupy your wardrobe space in vain. To clear their own purpose, is to match the dress with the office, or to show a show at the dinner. If there is enough room for selection, but also consider the lipstick color, belt or bag and other small accessories with.
When you wear your favorite Hair Band, be sure to be full of confidence, do not have to worry too much, just spend some thoughts with, even if there are small mistakes, others will think that your personality is reflected.
1 With the hangers hanging suit pants, the Hair Band can be folded into a state that can be used immediately, and fixed with a clip, access is very convenient. You can also hang the hair on the hanger and fix it with the jersey. With thick paper clip between the clip and the Hair Band, the folder will not leave traces in the Hair Band.
2 can choose to use a large cardboard made of small storage box, the width of about 30cm, will be folded into the original size of the large size of the Hair Band and then folded after the collection.
3 will be folded into the original large 1/4 size, into a number of inner folder. Storage, as long as the folder flat, it will not produce wrinkles, and at a glance
Silk hair with recommended dry cleaning. Such as self-washing application of neutral detergent hand wash, dry after the low-temperature ironing belt with the back.
Hair Bands in addition to the color to choose the right, but also pay attention to style, texture and system, such as some small lace, small lattice Hair Band is very suitable for small, lovely "girl type" people, they are not suitable for the Hair Band Too exaggerated, such as big bow or big shawl. "Romantic" is required to be beautiful and delicate, so some rough texture of the hair can not be tied, such as hemp, very wrinkled cotton and so on. Hair pattern can be water ripples, flowers, the system can also be atmospheric and feminine, such as large bow, large flower and so on.
And some girls like to tie the band into a tie, very handsome! This method is more suitable for "juvenile" and "fashion" type, coupled with the shirt, will look very stylish and very capable. "Classic" is noble, rigorous, Hair Band system requires dignified, material should be delicate, texture, not too skewed, too exaggerated. Some Bohemian style hair system is the atmosphere and random, and perhaps simply put on the body can bring out the "natural" people's temperament, the fabric can also be hemp, cotton and other wrinkles, slightly rough Feeling, such as a large needle scarf, corduroy, rough and so on. The atmosphere is "drama" type of hair with the system of the key, not stingy, Hair Band labeled as a small flower, small collar knot is not suitable for them, should be a large shawl, large flower and their atmosphere is consistent with the temperament, Even if the choice of small square to have a larger color to do better.