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How To Classify And Identify Children's Hair Band?

How to classify and identify Children's Hair Band?

1) according to material:

Nylon/tetosaurus/PP polypropylene/acrylic/cotton/dacron/polyurethane/light silk/rayon/silk/rayon, etc

Distinguish between nylon and PP children hair band: general nylon hair ribbon is woven before dyeing, children so after cut yarn color because of uneven dyeing will be suffused with white color of this yarn, and PP hair band for children is to dyeing is then woven, so no yarn into white phenomenon; By contrast, the nylon Children's Hair Band is shiny and soft with the PP children. Chemical reactions can be distinguished by combustion; The price of regular nylon children is higher than that of PP children.

The Children's Hair Band is soft and dull

Acrylic Children's Hair Band are made of tedosaurus and cotton

The price of cotton Children's Hair Band is generally high. Nylon children hair band, children hair belt manufacturers, children hair band limited, guangdong children's hair belt manufacturers, polyester children's hair belt manufacturers

2) according to knitting method:

Plain, twill, satin and mixed patterns. (plain/small corrugated/twill/security children hair band/pit/bead lines/PP children such as jacquard hair band according to the thickness of yarn can be divided into 900 d / 1200 d / 1600 d; at the same time, we should pay attention to Children's Hair Band thickness, thickness and determine its unit price and toughness.)

3) according to the nature of use:

Children's Hair Band, shoes, Children's Hair Band, safety children hair bands, other special children hair bands, etc.

4) according to the characteristics of Children's Hair Band:

Elastic Children's Hair Band and rigid Children's Hair Band (inelastic Children's Hair Band).

5) process score,

It is mainly for the shuttle children and the needle children hair band two categories. Children's Hair Band, especially jacquard Children's Hair Band, is a bit similar to the process of marking, but the cloth is fixed with the pattern of the filling yarn. And children basic weft hair band is fixed, the warp expression pattern, using a small machine, every time playing version, production wear gauze and adjust the machine may have to take a long time, and the efficiency is relatively high. But there are many kinds of products that can be made, and the dazzling products are not always the same faces as the marks. The main function of Children's Hair Band is ornamental, and also functional. Such as the popular mobile phone sling, etc. When the ribbon is woven, it can also print all kinds of words/patterns, and it is generally cheaper to weave the text patterns directly.

The shuttle Children's Hair Band is mainly divided into two categories: the unshuttled children's hair belt and the shuttled children. At present, the unshuttled children in the market have more common use than the shuttles.

Nylon hair band types varied, children that need how to distinguish, we burn through identifying the nylon children under hair band sign don't children with polyester children with burning hair band method: will two categories of children with several root, warp/weft yarn with lighter burning, burning process to observe some physical phenomena, to determine the raw materials of warp/weft yarn. When burning, it is necessary to observe the flame, the melting situation and the smell of the burning and the ashes.