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How To Decorate The House With Headband

How to decorate the house with Headband
Do you know how to decorate the house with Headband? Below the headband manufacturers Xiaobian to explain the next
First to prepare the tools: balloons, pump, plastic headband, scissors, double-sided adhesive. Proceed as follows:
First out of the balloon from the bag, and then put the balloon in the hand to the left and right gently pull down. So that the balloon can not be so easy to break, and will be very good cheer Oh.
With a pump to pull the balloon straight to cheer on it, hit a certain time you can take the pump, and then the balloon itself is a knot, so it is not easy to leak. And can maintain such a long-term effect.
The headband to expand, with scissors cut about 25cm length can be, and then use the scissors to headband side of the cut more small mouth, and then directly tear the hand just fine, so it became a lot of small headband, and then take a line On the balloon, then use scissors to make a small wire into a spiral, let go can be seen like a spring like the headband.
With a double-sided adhesive on the top of the balloon can be a stick. And then you can put in their own marriage room friends. Whether it is attached to the ceiling or bedside seats are possible. Effect assurance is very good. And it is not easy to fall. Affordable and nice.
Headband manufacturers to share with you on the headband pull flower specifications which features, we want to help!
First of all, I got a pair of scissors, square paper, double-sided plastic, these are the materials needed to make the flower. (If the conditions can also increase a few Headband)
(I made the flower is the easiest way to pull flowers, do not underestimate it is the easiest pull flowers Oh, because it is the need for patience and careful heart to make, so I took a The square of the paper, diagonal fold into a triangle, the vertex angle bisecting, so that the triangle accounted for a quarter of the entire triangle, you can.
(2) Then, again the triangle from the vertex angle in turn cut until the two corner, and each cut can not succeed, they are spaced between 0.3cm ~ 0.5cm (interval can be adjusted according to their own preferences, but not Too big, so it does not look good) cut good
Finally, double-sided adhesive to their center together (every two), then with double-sided adhesive, the two sides together, and then all the pull flowers together, and with both hands They opened, a string of beautiful and standardized pull flowers even if completed, you can put it in their own room, decorated with a flower of their own paradise, you can put it any place, make it Curtains and so on.
Beautiful clothing everywhere can be seen colorful colorful bowband decoration, in the elegant color, fragrant, taste with the whole age, Headband also quietly boarded the holiday table, home all kinds of home furnishings are dazzling, walking On the warm streets, all the little things made by Headband make your day easier, and the beautiful Headband souvenir brings people with an in-depth image and facilitates others. Accident surprises!
Headband silk screen, Headband printing production time, if not an excellent control of the situation, showing the time of defective product loss rate is still very much, usually showing these conditions, it has been found, we must quickly find the factors, Processing, talent control costs rise.
Headband silk screen, headband printing, fabric stripes are not satisfied with the color paste, pale color is not clear, revealing the fabric background or fine markings off the scene called the exposed. The following factors are:
1, by the deformation in the box will be set to tilt the layout of the fabric placed on the printing table, so that some markings to the lack of pulp (and even attack desizing);
2, scraper running fast, the pressure is small, with a lack of pulp, scraper rubber is too hard, the edge is too sharp and so simple to make the mark was lack of pulp, Headband silk screen, Headband printing production, often found this