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How To Make The Scarf Turned Into A Hair Band?

How to make the scarf turned into a Hair Band?
 Will be a big handkerchief when the hair can really make your style a lot of interesting, from a practical point of view, it will let you scattered in the face of the mess to find the end. Large handkerchief inexpensive, there are rich colors, Hair Band styles you choose. Choose one to match your attire, and then follow the steps to make it into a beautiful Hair Band.
Method One: Create a classic head scarf
1, the big handkerchief along the diagonal fold. Wrap a corner to another corner, so you get a triangle. Make sure the pattern faces outward.
2, the triangle rolled into a strip. From the longest side of the triangle, gently roll to the vertex. You can choose to roll a little bit or a little bit tight. The width of the volume will determine the width of the Hair Band. Keep the width of each volume up to the top. The big handkerchief will be tight enough to make the final Hair Band becomes more beautiful. It will make it look like a handkerchief but a colorful Hair Band. A loose roll will become a wide band, then it really like a "handkerchief Hair Band" the.
3, the handkerchief around your head. Sharp corners need to be directed at your forehead, both ends of the back to the back of the head. Will be at both ends of the intersection in the neck. You can also make the tip side of the head attached to the head, so it will not be erected. Hair Band Just turn the handkerchief over.
4, the two ends of the handkerchief in the back of a knot. Make sure it is tightened to prevent it from falling off.
5, for your hair to be a shape. You can comb the hair into a horsetail or loose down. You can also get some hair out of the Hair Band to modify your face. Spray point mousse will help shape. If you have slippery hair, Hair Band you can choose to use a few cards to head and hair together. They are not seen when they are closed under the knot.
Method 2: Make a layered Hair Band
1, the handkerchief tiles to start. A corner needs to be against you. There are patterns or rich colors facing down.
2, from the bottom of the corner began to roll up. Roll the scarf into the width you need. For example, if you want a 2 inch wide Hair Band, then put the bottom corner up 2 inches.
3, sustained volume. One side of the roll side of the roll up part. Try to keep the same width.
4, will head around the head. Fix it above your forehead or head.
5, will be a knot at both ends. Make sure it is tight enough not to fall off. According to preferences to do the final shape.
You can put the knot in front and not hit you on the neck, which is the classic style of the workers Luo Qian.
If your hair is always in the tie, Hair Band then the Hair Band is first tied and set in the neck, the end of your chin below, and then pull it from the face up.
You can put a flexible Hair Band in the big handkerchief, so it will not fall from the hair.
Summer wear a headscarf, the sky, the light, good-looking, all the focus, engage in a long time, unknowingly, wearing a scarf not only dress up the ingredients higher, and the But also breath through the year round. In a variety of outdoor activities, the headscarf is playing its unique role, walking in the jungle, the spider web is often, let it wrapped around the hair, Hair Band must be uncomfortable, scarf does not block the line of sight, take pictures do not touch the frame , But also save wiping. A small cloth, but also for towels or scarves, if necessary, cold. In the trip, the scarf seems to have become an indispensable equipment, Hair Band while the headscarf is also moving in the direction of multi-functional development. So you enjoy the comfort, warmth, a variety of performance, whether in the snow, cold and even sun to give you protection.