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Jewelry By Material, Techniques, Style, Material, Decoration Parts, Use These Different Aspects, Such As For Classification

A, hair accessories are divided into:

1, hair is divided into: 3-6 cm of the top clamp (part of hair only) and 7-10 cm hair clips (clip all hair can be, used primarily to set hair with)

2, headband, HA HA, no need to explain

3, the first flower

4, also called banana clips is the hair shaft vertically together, firmly fixed.

5, a rubber band

6, claw clips, feet, claws and Barrettes are basically the same.

7, insert can be understood literally, also called Combs.

8, to insert this kind of bad on the picture because it is divided into single-clamp and the clamp, can be divided into Duckbill clips in this, BB clip, clip, frog clip, clip.

9, nose clips, many are also named after Alligator Clips for hair decoration, fixing is not very good.

10, children hair accessory: the comparison of children's hair accessories. Can be divided into Tong Sheng and child folders, child folders can also be classified according to above the clip.

11, clip, the main difference lies in the clip below has a net, the net effect is to put the hair in it, mostly for working with headdress.

B: I hair accessory material divided into: alloy paint, alloy rhinestones category, acrylic class.

(1), alloy paint types: this is quite well known, are wrapped in metal jewelry outer layer of paint, paint is not dry, of course, but the heating and drying, way to make color more beautiful luster and not easy to paint.

(2), alloy rhinestones category: there can also be divided into two main categories, full drill with a thin drill. Basically, this type of hair will not paint.

(3), acrylic category: speak what is plexiglass.