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Metal Hair Clip Matching Method Of Metal Hairpin

Metal Hair Clip Metal hairpin matching method, metal hairpin iron hairpin has been very rare, but with good elastic flat wire made of the card is very common, almost every woman with it. Copper hairpin will not rust, and a gold-like luster, this hairpin beautiful and practical, very popular with people welcome. Aluminum and aluminum alloy made of material for the hairpin, both smart and novel, this hairpin fine, shiny, silver or gold plated, can be true silver real gold hairpin comparable. With gold, silver jewelry listed, with gold, silver hairpin made of materials also quietly entered the female world, this hairpin luxury, but the price is expensive, mostly prepared to marry a woman bought, in marriage Banquet wear, but also as a wedding souvenirs and keepsake to be preserved, hairpins have a lot of use, there are a lot of usage

  Metal Hair Clip Want to change curly hair, before going to sleep at night before the eight braids, the next day up to release, slightly with big teeth comb finishing, and then clip the two beautiful colorful hair clips, flew into a fashionable girl.

  Will be the head of the hair a handful of hand with a fine teeth comb from the top down the scraping, the first spray some stereotypes of water, and then fine teeth comb from the hair root comb to the tail, keep the head fluffy, the bangs 7: 3 Sub-edge, in the sub-margin of the broader amount of hair buckle on the diamond clip, immediately change a retro Elder head.

  The hair 9: 1 sub-edge, from the bottom of the ear near the beginning of the loosened braids, sub-edge less side of the ear clip hair clip, take a mirror, a fashionable braids sister came out.

  Metal Hair Clip With a fine tooth comb hair 7: 3 points side, wiping some hairy scales (or hair gel), with a fine tooth to the hair flat into the ear, in the 7 points of the bangs along the hair curvature oblique clip Large hairpin, you are charming bright and beautiful woman.

  Want to play a do not eat fireworks temperament beauty is also very simple, the hair points, stained with hairs (or hair gel), with a fine tooth comb hair comb straight comb, both sides of the forehead hair and other equidistant folder hair Folder, simple type.

  The hair 7: 3 sub-edge, 7 points side of the hair deliberately left, a little lower front of the hair, pay attention to make it look a little bit, the rest of the grasp of a bunch and reverse the first half, above the ear Button-type hairpin fixed, you can create a youthful atmosphere, people will think you are simply the daughter of the spring god came to the world.

  Hairpin has a positive meaning of the heart, send hairpin, of course, hope to get along with you.

  Hairpin on behalf of the old age together, heralded forever