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Ribbon Color

1, if the clothing color in flowers, Ribbon do not choose another color;

If clothes color in a single, elegant, can choose vibrant colors, or colors, of course, the best have a echo and other accessories, such as belts or handbags or shoes.

2, usually with the best color and clothing have a certain relevance. Such as patterned clothing can be equipped with a monochrome Ribbon color. Monochromatic clothing also can contain the single pattern Ribbon.

3, wants to appear quiet and elegant, hair ribbons and clothes to take the same color, such as clothing for the yellow, should be treated with a Brown; if passionate, are advised to use contrasting colors, such as Navy blue dress with bright red ribbons.

4, darker, choose white, pink hair band can appear charming if fair complexion, wearing a brown or Blue Ribbon will look elegant.