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Ribbon History

Traces origins, is the most popular way back in ancient Greece and ancient Rome

Hair band hair Crown. Around 475 BC, ancient Greece wore branches with flowers with a gold, silver and precious stones made of Crown, flocked to the Dionysian revel in the celebration, in arena singing the winner of Veuve; perfect body, blonde hair, then decorated with exquisite Crown Plaza, it is a man and God were beautiful pleasure paradise.

Says Ribbon is made Crown and brim of the "mix" version, if such inferences, then enter in the 1830 of the 19th century, European fashion women, trying to "give up" hat and Ribbon, lace and other soft fabric bundle is started directly tied bun, then insert flowers, feathers, pop, is probably one of the earliest modern style. Referring to Glamour and modern era, that in the 30 's star-studded Hollywood, beauty, allure of the black and white stars, such as the charming Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong, Yan Zhi temptation Louis Brooks, mysterious Garbo goddess of snow and ice and so is the beauty of the wide interpretation of the generation.

60 wide ribbon dress up method: put hair on one side and fastened with a rubber band. Behind the bangs and tied ribbons to the temples, then head of hair with wax catch volume. Finally hair curler hair volume following a large volume (braided into fluffy is also very beautiful and convenient).

At the 2004 Golden Globe awards ceremony, Nicole Kidman was among the first to bring back into fashion-side top her of unruly blond curls, with a gold satin ribbon, put a hit "Deep v" gold sparkles evening dress, suddenly Yu Fanli many conquests on the red carpet.