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Teach You How To Identify The Knowledge Of Different Headband Products

Teach you how to identify the knowledge of different Headband products
With the market more and more types of Headband products, many Headband buyers know that different Headband is used to do, but many people do not know what the Headband is the use of what materials produced. Today, we will tell you about the identification of raw materials, head burning test.
Fiber Headband:
The use of fiber as the raw material of the Headband in the vicinity of the fire will appear when the volume of the phenomenon, after burning into the ashes.
Cotton Headband:
The use of cotton as the raw material of the Headband in the vicinity of the sudden will appear as the phenomenon of burning faster burning, burning out the smell of paper burning, burning will appear after a small amount of soft, black or gray cashmere material.
Woolen belt
The use of wool as a raw material of the Headband with the phenomenon of near fire that burning, burning thick feathers will burn the taste, after burning will appear spherical, black, fragile combustion residue.
Silk Headband:
The use of silk so-called raw materials of the Headband, with near fire that is burning, burning hissing sound, the burning process will appear in the phenomenon of interest, burning time will not be too long, after burning charred feathers taste, and residual black , Fragile particulate matter.
Linen Headband:
The Headband with hemp as raw material is flammable and will burst out of the crack and produce smoke when it burns.
Polyester Headband:
Polyester Headband has a very high flammability, near fire that is burning, in the burning of the splash phenomenon, and with a spicy smell.
Above is the identification of various types of Headband method, through the above method users can easily identify the Headband is made of what material, in the purchase can also help you choose to buy their own Headband products
Beautiful roses everyone loves, but the roses of the flower season is very short, often are fleeting, people very sad. Therefore, it was invented a use of color Headband as a material produced by the process of roses, not only retains the beauty of roses, while let the roses have a permanent durability, can be a long time indoors, decorated houses And will not dry because of lack of water. So how do you use a colored Headband to make a qualified rose? Here we will tell you about the production of Headband roses.
Materials / Tools:
Various colors of color Headband, small scissors, needle and thread
producing process:
first step:
Prepare a color Headband, fold the back of the ribbon back, and then use the needle and thread to sprinkle the spatters together.
Step 2:
Will be stitched with a good Headband, according to the degree of production of roses to adjust the degree of tightness of the suture, knot in the tension after the tie can be.
third step:
According to the beginning of the suture the most central, around the center made a heart. Continue to wrap around the heart of the ribbon, a circle is gradually higher than the heart of the coiled. At the end of the needle at the bottom through the flower heart, stitching, adjust the flower shape, knotted. Ribbon roses are ready.
Although their own red roses for the first time more ugly, but with the way of continuous proficiency, and soon be able to make a high-quality red roses. Red Rose as a watch new handicrafts, his art and the use of value are very high, if there are like handicraft products friends can often pay attention to our website, we will be the first time for everyone to explain more about the Headband Handicrafts.