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The Practical Application Of Hair Band In Daily Routine

The practical application of Hair Band in daily routine
In our daily life, we will use a lot of tools to improve the quality of our lives, but many daily life tools are often ignored by our subconsciously, but these products have made a great contribution to our lives, if we do not have these products Life may not be so colorful life, hair products is such a often help us daily work but often we ignore a product.

Hair belt meteor shower Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangdong area, is the use of silk or yarn made of a woven ribbon, according to different needs, Hair Band will use different materials, different patterns for the preparation. The preparation of the Hair Band is not only beautiful appearance, but also in our daily life for us to bring a great convenience, the following we will tell you about the actual use of Hair Band in daily life.

In the daily life of many beautiful women often wear nail with hair with beautiful clothes, although the Hair Band is not expensive, but with the hair belt dress up the ordinary clothes will become very avant-garde beauty. For men who work on a daily basis, a handbag with a ribbon can not only be on the shoulders at the same time can also be in his hand, easy to work on different occasions needs. And for some like a friend birthday birthday for young people, Hair Band can not only play the decorative scene of the props, but also the best choice for decorative gifts.

Hair Band, although the appearance of small, but his real life in the real meaning of life is very large, he not only help our daily life in large and small occasions, demand, but also for our life Tim color, enrich our lives , For us to bring a rich and colorful, convenient and efficient life experience.
1, hair with the functional: Hair Band as a clothing accessories products, a major functional role is hanging tag, so the fork and the rope must be strong, in order to cope with the packaging and transport of the extrusion, lanyard at least need Bear the weight of 2kg.

2, hair with the color fastness: Hair Band and tag is hanging directly on the clothing, so the color fastness of color requirements. Color fastness, including the line, plastic, hot color, etc., the normal line and plastic through strict control are not frivolous, simple test method: water bubble 3-5 cents, some foreign trade orders will require a professional test report. But the hot color is difficult to control, and now even if the best imported color foil can not protect the fade, it is recommended to use gold foil type of aluminum or black and white, the higher requirements and other colors can be transparent transparent organic protection.

3, hair with the price of choice: according to the grade of clothing and the degree of acceptance of the factory to choose a different price, the general triple, four in one, two-color and multi-color hair with a higher price, Line deduction cheaper.

4, hair style selection: can refer to the previous style of classification to choose, with the need to match the tag with a set, so the design and selection need to consider the same style with the tag, the best bags, brochures, tag, hair With a full set of VI design style and the main color consistent.