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The Quality Of The Headband Cellulose Type Has An Important Effect

The quality of the Headband cellulose type has an important effect

Do you know some of the effects of the quality of the Headband fiber? The following head brings the manufacturer's small number to explain

Head with the fastness is one of the important audit indicators, printing and dyeing of textiles and textile by using different kinds of dye the color fastness to audit index is endless and same, because of the difference of dye types, used the color fastness to audit index difference of level 1 and a half. The dyed cotton cloth fastness (white cloth stained) to restore the dye 4-5, while vulcanization, naftoid and reactive dyes are level 3. This is due to a variety of head with a dye molecule layout, the difference of chemical temper, the bad and the combined method of textiles, together is not the same, some with the dye is produced with the textile fiber molecular chemical reactions and chemical bond method combined on the fabric, so physical response method and some dye fixation on the fabric.

The headband is classified according to the process, which is important for the spindle tape and the needle belt. The headband is the jacquard headband, which is a bit similar to the process of marking, but the fabric is firm and the pattern is expressed by the filling Headband. And the head belt is the basic filling Headband is firm, the pattern is expressed by the warp Headband, the use of the small mechanical, every time the plate, the production of the Headband and the conciliation of the dull, will probably spend very much time, and the obedience is relatively low. But there are many kinds of products that can be made, and the products of the dazzling Wolf are not always the same as the marks.

The important function of the head is ornamental, also has the effect sex. Such as the popular mobile phone sling, etc. When the tape is woven, it can also be printed with a variety of pen/ink/pattern, which is usually more homemade than the direct ink. It has high strength, high temperature resistance, high strength, anti-flame retardant and so on. It can also be proved that the antiperspirt is required to adhere to a layer of PVC, and the PVC and headband can be cemented together by special process, which can be the result of wear-resisting, anti-corrupting, anti-perspiration, and accor.

Therefore, the audit index of its color fastness is not similar. Therefore, it is very important to determine the color fastness of dyeing and dyeing. Head, head, according to the principle of dyeing and finishing of manufacturer, to deal with the difference in addition to textile material, accepted by the dye type difference, also beginning identity credential textiles can infer the types of dye used, then held a specific test validation.

Plastic headbands are made from polypropylene.

PP plastic raw material, chemical name: polypropylene, features: small density, strength stiffness, hardness and heat resistance are better than low pressure polyethylene, can be used at around 100 degrees. Good electrical performance and high frequency insulation are not affected by humidity, but the low temperature is brittle, unwear-resisting and aging. Suitable for general mechanical parts, corrosion resistant parts and insulation parts.

Polypropylene, English name: Polypropylene (PP), molecular formula: (C3H6) n. CAS login no. : 9003-07-0 is a thermoplastic resin produced by polymerization of propylene. There are three types of polypropylene, atactic polypropylene, and syndiotactic polypropylene.