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Tiara Mix

Tiara directly affecting facial appearance, is of course goes without saying. Tiara match except for hair, face shape, and must conform to the style of the entire match.

Wide headband + long skirts, always give the feeling of Queens, famous family. Pairs face is wide, with such a wide scope or narrower than wide well.

Simple hair band, will face leaner person will look plump, foil. People feel it's more cute cute.

Is a very common combination of leisure, plus Ribbon with naming style, giving impressions of the exotic. And very eye-catching.

+ Cool casual mix of baotou, a bit of alternative fashion. Not ordinary people trying, personalized fashion people inevitably try, but this is too prominent face, square or shaped the face of MM mix carefully.

Significantly wide of baotou, both stylish and personality, with a personalized mix, a little sense of Arab regional customs. This big role with a shave, face by face MM could try.

Small ears headband, absolutely lovely girl and make a person aware that the personality of the tide.

Butterflies first Hoop, is also a lovely wave products.

Matching items are highlights of this match. The headband, sunglasses, necklace, bracelet watches, bags, shawls, each piece is a fashion essential, matched United have their own characteristics.