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What Problems Can Be Easily Overlooked In Children's Hair Band?

What problems can be easily overlooked in Children's Hair Band?

What are the problems that the flower children hair belt manufacturer can easily ignore in printing process? I want to help you learn more about this.

(1) watch the rules. Because space in the ribbon printing, children hair ribbon printed grid belt picture, rib belt, English letters back and forth constantly when logo printed movement, plate and frame in tooth filling room was knocked in the clouds and sensation, small displacement between attack, cannot appear overprint accurate picture, Children's Hair Band affect the appearance quality of the goods. Therefore, we must watch the rules, timely find and adjust.

(2) check the sample. Found printing ink printing ink, flowers and children hair belt manufacturers should immediately use clean cotton cloth scrubbing screen. This condition is mostly due to the printing plate of a broken plastic film or ink drying blocking screen. If discover the ink unevenness or become pale, may be the ink viscosity is too large, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately diluted with solvent ink viscosity, Children's Hair Band together with gas scrubbing ribbon printing, children hair ribbon printed grid with pictures, rib belt by some of English letters logo layout, avoid ink or plugging, in order to work.

(3) the half-finished product should be piled up neatly. In the process of the semi-finished product, the flower children hair belt manufacturer must make the end of the paper. Otherwise, the ribbon will form the bow shape because of its own gravity, and the two sides of the paper will be warped and uneven. The paper will be difficult to pass through when printing, and the image will be broken. The paper crib is not normally used, the paper is flat, the height of the paper crib is adjusted by the adjusting knob of the paper tissue, so that the paper passes smoothly and the printing process goes smoothly.

(4) the leaves of the drying equipment are damaged due to long-term use, some local and host are not in sync, and often form the paper frame to make a scene. At this moment, should be quick, immediately from the bottom grass of the chaos open, the best not to make its ink film face relative, Children's Hair Band avoid to stick to form defective products or waste products.

Therefore, flower children's hair ribbon manufacturer should pay attention to influence ribbon printing, children hair ribbon printed grid belt picture, rib belt, English letters in the logo print quality, ability to print out the exquisite printing, progressive yield, reduce the consumption increase benefit, Children's Hair Band make the company to maintain an impregnable position in the market competition.

1. A basic requirement for the completion of the perfect picture imitation of the children's hair belt manufacturer is that the quality of the tongming negative is better, that is, Children's Hair Band the edge of the dot should be neat and not clear. The colors and colors are used in the same color as the printed ink.

2. Print the ribbon printing and the print of the rib and print the logo. The positive print film is placed on the glass plate, then it is exposed, and the taut web plate is placed on the positive picture negative, which is parallel to the drawing axis. If present turtle grain, rotating screen to right or left, until the turtle grain, Children's Hair Band usually turn 7 °. The simple form of a turtle pattern is located in the direction of the wire mesh and the intersections of the screen. The main color and darker color lead to more questions.

3. With regard to four-color printing, you should use the same scale and stable aluminum frame, and use the same mesh frame with the same variety and type. The use of dyed silk screen helps to eliminate the tortoise lines. Children's Hair Band The tension in the screen is evenly distributed, and the four - color printing of the 4 - screen grid tension is the same.